18 march 1999 [evidence item #265]

the tape starts again and eric and dylan are once again in the harris family living room. they state that it is march 18th, “in the middle of the night.” they talk about “echo and delta” pipe bombs and whether or not they should put nails on them. they state that “religions are gay” and for “people who are weak and can’t deal with life.”

they say they need to discuss secondary objectives to place the bombs, places that are “out of the way.” dylan mentions a trail near wadsworth, “by your [eric's] old house”. they then talk about how they should “rig something up with a trip bomb between two trees, so when someone goes down the path it will go off.” the boys then discuss the possibility of “placing time bombs down there.” they mention it would be “harder and take more resources.” they say, “this will add a few frags to the list” and that the “fucking fire department is going to be busy for a month.”

they talk about a couple of people, one of whom eric says he wants to “shoot in the groin area.” they talk about someone named jesse gordon and “the goof troop.” they then go on a racist tirade, talking about how that “nigger stopped us that day” and how black people talk in “ebonics.” They bash on “spics.” then the subject turns to bowling and how each individual in the bowling class has a designated culture group to use as a target on the bowling pins to kill, and that this helps them bowl better.

they talk about how “world peace is an impossible thing” and mention how you can look on the internet to learn how to make “bombs, poison, napalm, and how to buy guns if you’re underage.” they also talk about how “mrs. xyz bought our guns.”

eric and dylan say that there are “only two weeks left, and one more weekend” and that “it is coming up fucking quick.” they say the “napalm better not freeze at that certain person’s house.” they talk about “chris’s pizza’s house” like they’re trying to disguise a name and discuss “yoshi” in a negative way. they say that they need a “lot more napalm” and may just use “gas and oil.” they express concern that it will be tough, and opening the zipper may make it go off. they say they need some “back-ups.” they talk about how the sprinkler system may “put out a fire” and eric says he should possibly keep the battery out of the device, set the bag, put it in and leave so it doesn’t “blow up in the commons.”

they discuss credit card fraud; eric raises his hand like he’s admitting to having done it. then they talk about “tests,” saying: “we wouldn’t be where we are without them.” they talk about gas and oil and how it will be “one hell of a mental picture.” they wonder about the possibility of people catching fire. the topic then shifts to graduation and how it will be a “graduation memorial service with lots of people crying.” they theorize there will probably be a candlelight memorial. eric says he’s got “100 bullets and 10 loaded clips,” and that he needs lasers for his carbine.

HARRIS: [looking directly into the camera] you’re lucky it doesn’t hold more ammo.

dylan says he has a “50 round clip, two 36’s, and a 24.”

“there’s a lot of shit to do,” they say. they need to set up more propane bombs and get more containers. dylan says he still needs to get his pants, fill his clips, and get his pouches to load shells in. they say they need “devices” for the propane tanks and they need more “bomb holders.” eric says they need to go to radio shack because he heard they had a “thing to increase the voltage” through a clock and speaker, igniting a solar igniter. eric says that he’d tell people that he was doing special effects for a movie; “that will be a good excuse.”

the boys insist, “we are but we aren’t psycho.”

dylan asks eric if he thinks the cops will listen to the whole video. they then theorize that the video will be cut up into little pieces, and the police would only show the world what they wanted it to look like. eric and dylan said then that they wanted to distribute the videos to four news stations. eric says he’s going to publish his journal and send copies via email to distribute blueprints and maps. he then talks about “tier” and calls it “my life’s work,” saying he wants to get it published. [investigating officer zimmerman recognized the term as “some of the direction type booklets for the video game doom” which the officer took from eric harris’s bedroom during the search following the shootings.]

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