eternal torment. all i have is eternal torment and hatred and anger.
the only thing that eases my numbness is my wrath.
i want to force it all on you. i can't cope with it anymore.
every day i come closer and closer to my end, being dragged down, down, down. back home.
it's strange. to truly believe you have a connection, a spiritual bond to someone,
and to watch it shatter overnight. to try and mend it, sellotape it back together.
but it just keeps falling down. unrequited repairs. exhausting.
i am empty and meaningless. i want to do something that matters.
i want to set the world on fire before i extinguish myself.
for everyone to be burned by the raging flames that burned me from the inside, out...
incinerating, cremating my insides. i'm nothing but a walking corpse. still, i'll be all that remains.
it was always i who knew the truth. clarity. when this is all over i will feel true clarity.
the pain will subside and i will see you, anew.

take me back!